20th annual Festival of Independent Theatres (2018)





Download a PDF Version of the Call for Submissions

The Bath House Cultural Center and the City of Dallas, Office of Cultural Affairs announce an open call for entries for the twentieth annual Festival of Independent Theatres, opening July 13, 2018 and running through August 4, 2018.

Entry qualifiers are as follows:

• Submitting companies must be independent theatre companies. (Producing company must not have ownership or management control of a theatrical performance space, including educational institutions.)
• Scripts must be fifty minutes or less in performance time. (The festival may dismiss a company at any time for a production run-time over fifty minutes.)
• Prior productions a company has produced in the past FIVE (5) years will not be accepted. Produced staged readings will be considered as long as not previously produced in a festival format.
• Submissions will be considered on the condition of the script at the time of the submittal deadline. Producing companies and their casts must be available for the entire festival run.

Submission Guidelines

Please provide a basic overview of your company's production history, as well as a copy of your company's mission statement, and a brief explanation of how the proposed script helps to achieve that mission.

Please provide a summary of the script itself, along with a brief statement explaining your organization's vision for the realization of the script. Include any and all set, costume or other design ideas that you feel will be pertinent to the production. Also, please answer the following questions:
• Does your production include any of the following: Material Unsuited for Children Nudity Animals Pyrotechnics (including candles) Firearms Atmospheric Effects Stage Blood Food/Drink
• Has your organization produced this script previously in any form?
• To your knowledge has this script been produced by any organization in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area within the past FIVE (5) years?

• Please provide us with full organizational contact information including mailing address, phone/voicemail numbers, e-mail, website, etc.
• Please provide contact information on at least TWO (2) key organizational representatives including home phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and optional phone numbers if available.
• Your submission should include your written proposal, a copy of your script, and any supporting information (such as photos, press reviews, marketing materials, etc.) that you think would be pertinent.

Deadline for submissions: Saturday, March 10th, 2018 by 6 PM.


Submissions must be received by the deadline. Late submissions will not be considered.

Submissions may be mailed or hand delivered (during regular business hours) to:
Bath House Cultural Center
Attn: Festival of Independent Theatres
521 E. Lawther Drive Dallas, TX 75218
-or- Submissions may be submitted electronically to

Responses will be delivered by mid April, 2018.

If you have any further questions, please contact:

David Meglino, Managing Director - Festival of Independent Theatres
1(800) 617-6904