2017 Performances

Audacity Theatre Lab

The Great Dictator by Charles Chaplin, adapted by Jaymes Gregory


A fresh and engaging update of Charlie Chaplin’s preeminent work, The Great Dictator explores the timeless themes of resistance to tyranny and the foibles of the human condition, as a meek yet principled Jewish barber crosses paths with the fascist dictator to whom he bears a striking resemblance.
Directed by Jaymes Gregory.
CAST - Steph Garret, Brad MacEntire, Jamie Little Puente, Robert Shores, Chad Cline, Leslie Patrick, and Jaymes Gregory.

The Basement

The Caveman Play Play by Jeff Swearingen


Local funnyman Jeff Swearingen takes aim at modern society by dissecting history's least modern archetype, the caveman. A cunning blend of subversive humor and physical comedy highlight this anachronistic, yet pertinent tale of society's reluctance to change and the often too slow development of human empathy.
Directed by Doak Rapp.
CAST - Chris Rodenbaugh, Ashleigh Smith, Joseph Nativi, Laney Neumann, Doak Rapp, and Taylor Donnelson.

Bootstraps Comedy Theater

The Boxer by Matt Lyle


The 10th anniversary production of this uproarious, yet silent comedy is a heartfelt homage to the glory days of American moviemaking. Featuring all of the elements of classic cinema, including training montages, high speed chases, a dream ballet and a live music score, The Boxer is a much celebrated and unforgettable romp that’s fun for the whole family.
Directed by Matt Lyle.
CAST - Jeff Swearingen, Kim Lyle, B. Wolf, Johnny Sequenzia, Steve Jones, Ben Bryant, Ben Greely, Kineta Massey, Jenny Webb, Cassidy Crown, and Cori Martin.

Dustin Curry and Company

Fiddler’s Cave by Dustin Curry


A world premiere comedy inspired by Ozark Mountain folklore, Fiddler's Cave tells the tale of a lonely fiddle player who finds himself lost and abandoned deep in a cave, with no memory of how he arrived there. Through wordless storytelling, clowning and a bit of theatrical magic, the Fiddler must search his past for answers in order to find a way home to the life he knew before.
Directed by B.J. Cleveland.
CAST - Dustin Curry, Debbie Crawford, and Sterling Gafford.

Echo Theatre

Trace of Arc by Ali Smith


When Mrs. Lord opens a lovely English corner shop in the heart of America, she insists that her two "shop girls" play the part, complete with English accents. It seems silly at the time, but is preferable to working for the industrial plant that is otherwise ruining their town. Faced with the prospect of living pretend lives, will conscience inspire them to address the looming problems in their own backyard?
Directed by Kateri Cale.
CAST - Natalia Borja, Abigail Palmgren, Octavia Y. Thomas, Allyn Carrell, and Pam Myers-Morgan.

L.I.P. Service Productions

Tommy Cain by Van Quattro


At turns haunting and heartbreaking, poignant and provocative, this searing monologue tells the tale of young Tommy Cain, a disillusioned youth struggling through his adolescence and desperately navigating the tumultuous relationship he shares with both of his parents.
Directed by Van Quattro.
CAST - Zachary Leyva.

Risk Theater Initiative

Stiff by Sherry Jo Ward


Local actress Sherry Jo Ward chronicles her struggle with Stiff Person Syndrome, an incredibly rare disease which impairs her mobility and causes her unexplained pain. Part stand up comedy, part PowerPoint presentation, Stiff is a unique and engaging first person account of what it means to re-assess one’s own goals and ambition when confronted with a life altering diagnosis.
Directed by Marianne Galloway.
CAST - Shery Jo Ward.

WingSpan Theatre Co

Edward Albee’s Finding the Sun


The themes of life, love, marriage and mortality are masterfully illuminated, as in all of Albee's work, in this poignant one-act which finds eight characters enjoying a day at the beach. In true Albee fashion, tensions mount, personal discoveries abound and no relationship is quite what it seems.
Directed by Susan Sargeant.
CAST - Ethel Stephens, Robin Clayton, Catherine D. DuBord, David Helms, Charlotte Akin, Matthew Stepanek, Jerry Crow, and Ian Mead Moore.